Welcome to PCHS Announcements.


Teacher Announcements:  

  • Check your email for ISS assignment needs. 
  • The library has poster paper in for you to make posters!
  • Church trips are not covered under OSB.  

 Student Announcements  

  • Don't forget LEAP'S opportunities each day!
  • Fun Day Fun Run is Saturday April 25.
  • Mrs. Lowe has some extra folders and paper available for students.
  • We have a clothes closet for any student that is need of clothes.  See Mrs. Lowe for details.
  • See the guidance office for details for new scholarships.
  • Any junior who would like to have a refresher can stay after with Mrs. Faulkner today for an hour refresher course.
  • Deadline to personalize a yearbook is this Friday.
  • Wear Your Hat Day this Friday!  See Mrs. Leach or Mrs. Mulcahy for details.
  • Club Period this Thursday.
  • Extended Club Period this Friday.

Lunch and Breakfast Menu

Left Lunch Line: Roasted Chicken with Whole Potatoes

Right Lunch Line: Big Daddy Pizza with Green Beans

Next Day's Breakfast: Cereal or Breakfast Burrito


Common Core Information and Resources


Common Core Information and Resources


T-Evaluation Information


Block Resources


Teaching Resources


Teaching Resources


SPI Link


State Curriculum Website


Battelle (Building Code: 9463000


New sample Test Items from PARCC




Polk County High School Event Calendar link


Mr. German's contact information: rgerman@polkcountyschools.com,   Skype:  ronnie.german  

Mr. Swafford's contact information: zswafford@k12tn.net,  Skype : zachswafford


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