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Cafeteria Duty

Teacher Announcements: 

  • I would like to ask everyone to make your donation to the Flower Fund. This fund is used to send gift baskets, flowers, and sponsors showers for all our staff when the need develops. If anyone ever knows of a need, please let me know. Please drop off your donation to my room and I will turn it into Mrs. Revonda. The support we show each other is what makes this community and our school so special. Thanks, Tonya Cochran.
  • Please turn in LEAP's after school program proposals this week.
  • Today's Lunch Schedule: 1st:10:45  2nd: 11:25  3rd: 12:05  
  • Extended Club Day Schedule for the Club Fair.  Go by your lunch schedule to the gym:                                                                  1st: 2:00-2:15  2nd: 2:20-2:35 3rd: 2:40-2:55 

Student Announcements 

  • Any student who is interested in taking the October 25th ACT test please see Mrs. Silvers. CLUB 21 will be providing transportation and assistance in registering.
  • Beta Club Senior members who would like to be considered for the positions of President and Vice President, and Juniors who would like to be considered for Secretary and Treasurer should submit a letter to Ms. Tatum explaining why you would be a good representative.
  • Any boys that would like to cheer for powder-puff, please see Ms. McClary to sign-up.
  • Upcoming pictures are for the yearbook.  Seniors that missed summer pictures dates can have them made at this time.
  • Last year's prom committee members need to see Mrs. Fugate today.

Lunch and Breakfast Menu

Left Lunch Line: Garden Chicken Salad with Black Beans

Right Lunch Line: Fish Strips with Oven Roasted Potatoes

Next Day's Breakfast: Sausage Biscuit or Chicken Biscuit



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Common Core Information and Resources


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Computer Repair Request Online Form 

Mr. German's contact information: rgerman@polkcountyschools.com,   Skype:  ronnie.german  

Mr. Swafford's contact information: zswafford@k12tn.net,  Skype : zachswafford


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